Corazon Kwamboka impresses in the Gym with HOT Video

Corazon Kwamboka impresses in the Gym with HOT Video and we can’t get enough of the Kenyan Star. It is not easy to look good and we all know it.

Corazon Kwamboka says nomatter hard it gets, she wants to keep trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Her latest video in the gym shows she was built for fitness and her body is simply amazing… But before that here are a few pictures of our favourite fitness bunny.

Corazon Kwamboka

With the video, she said – “Enjoyed myself yesterday. Lately I’ve been missing the gym a lot. I go months without stepping in the gym at a time, which is weird coz I’ve tried adapting the fit life for years now.

What I’m saying is, I’ll keep pushing myself to become fit no matter how long it takes. I have many reasons why I have to keep trying even when I fail.”

Watch the video below as the amazing Corazon Kwamboka showed off some amazing talents in the gym… Simply Impressive, I know we are biased!

What do you think of our favourite Kenyan Hottie? Tell us in the comments and we will share more moments of the curvy vixen. We have to mention those all-star Converse shoes before we wrap this up…. simply amazing, I would wear those all day long.

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Checking her latest Instagram posts we see that the beautiful Iris Kaingu has now turned a new leaf. No more semi-nacked pictures that used to get us drooling. Her latest pictures even focus more on her love for Africa and how she is devoting her 2 years to making Zambia better. See More

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