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Cosmas Ng’andwe aka Logic in Mpali reminisces on his acting journey

Cosmas Ng’andwe

Cosmas Ng’andwe writes;

When this idea of going to film school came to my head, I had no idea it would turn out into a reality. Today with all the challenges we had from 2019 to 2021 we can simply say Corona tried and failed because the intended purpose was higher than its negativity. I am proud today that I made it.

Dad today you are being operated on at the UTH and your son is graduating I have to thank God that such is life just like you inspired me to work Hard. Let me take the opportunity to thank you Dad and mum for loving me just as much.

My wife, Carol Mwaiche you let me go to school at a time you needed me the most just when our beautiful daughter was on her way and I remember clearly on the day of delivery, I was not given permission to leave school and she was born when the father was not home but all this never lose your love for me and more, you are still loving and supporting me even more. I love you.

My family and friends, You are simply amazing. I love you guys. My fellow graduates,
Now is the moment for all those ideas we had in class to come into reality, we can make the difference we preached about to our peers and show them yes we are exactly what we said about us.

I am not sacred to fail now that I know that failing is part of the process. It takes more than education to make it but most importantly people working together. I am proud to have been part of your lives at the academy and I learnt so much from you my fellow graduates both academically and just as mere human persons. I wish you the very best of lucky now that the real journey has started.

To the MULTICHOICE TALENT FACTORY, Africa is indeed a home for creatives and being part of beautiful experience was more than an honour. The next cohort should be just as more fun as ours thanks for the great facilitators who also put it just their very best in impacting knowledge in us. Thank you God that all this was your plan.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Ng’andwe!!!

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