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Court appearance of a police officer charged with murder

In Southern Province’s Itezhi Tezhi district, a police officer and two police reserves are on trial for allegedly killing a suspect.

The three are accused of killing CHINYAMA KAYOMBO on April 9 in the Southern Province area of Itezhi Tezhi, according to details of the crime.

Magistrates MUGALA CHALWE gave the trio an explanation of the accusations when they came before the court.

The defendants were informed by Magistrate CHALWE that they could not enter a plea in her court because the High Court is handling the case.

After being seen wandering aimlessly close to his home, the trio allegedly assaulted the dead in an Itezhi Tezhi police cell while stating they were attempting to teach him a lesson.

The dead allegedly confronted the three and demanded to be taken to the police station after asking them why they let go of a friend he was with.

The three defendants reportedly did not accept the challenge well, and as a result, there was a verbal altercation that led to the victim’s beating.

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