Home Zambia News Court sentences thieving, murderous Lungu to death

Court sentences thieving, murderous Lungu to death

Court sentences thieving, murderous Lungu to death
A 22 year old man of Lusaka’s Mandevu compound has been sentenced to death by hanging by the Lusaka High court for murdering his 20-year-old lover, Misozi Soko.
Allan Lungu almost got away with murder which occurred in May 2019 when Soko was found dead in her house.
However a visit by the deceased’s sister to Lungu’s house in October 2019 discovered that some household items which were missing from her late sister’s house following her murder were in Allan’s house.
When the deceased’s sister confronted Lungu’s wife on the curtain, door mat and floor mat, she said she knew nothing about the property.A clearing agent has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for altering false import documents
In this matter Lungu was facing one count of murder, the allegation he denied.
However, when the matter came up in the Lusaka High Court, Justice Sharon Newa found Lungu guilty because the State had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.
Justice Newa said it was an odd coincidence that the deceased’s items which were missing could be found in her boyfriend’s possession after death.
In his defence, Lungu told the court that the items were common place articles entailing that they could be found.
Source: Diamond TV