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Credit to hip-hop star Slap Dee

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It’s a fact that one CAN’T write a Zambian Music story without the mention of his name.
One big challenge Musicians face worldwide is to have your music stand out with relevance from one decade to another. SLAP DEE is ONE of the pioneers of Hip Hop Music in Zambia. This was at the time when HIP Hop was not a so much appreciated genre in Zambia and he has managed to be the top cream of the game.Slap Dee

Since 2006, he has manged to hold his fan base and has seen it grow to what it is today. I personally cant keep track of the number of artists that have come on the scene along the way especially Hip Hop acts but a fact we all know without mention of names is that many have come and gone.Slap Dee

From the days of Asembe Isebenza, Solola, Zikomo, Sunshila, Chita, So Che, Looking for Love, he has been consistent. Different hip hop music styles have come along the way.. the noisy things we listen to year after year.. but for SLAP D, he has stuck to the identity.
A Boy that started from Chilo West in Chawama to a Hip Hop Icon he is today, you can’t only attribute this to nothing but passion and respect for what feeds him.

From the time Mwila came on the scene, he has not changed his style of music, all he has done is to perfect the style and built his image. From the times he recorded with Sync Sounds, Taz Goemi , Raydo Raydizzy , @Mr. Stash he still maintains his KING Dizzo Identity.

In the last 14 years of his career, he has bagged plenty Zambian Music Awards, International Collaborations and Appearances.

It’s in this period that he has received nominations and awards, including the 2009 Ngoma Music Awards for best hip hop artist, AFRIMM Award nomination(s) for Best Male (artist) Southern Africa, ZMA awards for best male and hip hop artist, and six Sun FM Kwacha Music Awards, winning three in 2017 and three in 2002. In 2017 Slapdee participated in the 2017 Coke Studio Africa television series.

2 years ago, Slap Dee was featured on the CNN African Voices CHANGEMAKERS as a multi-award winning Zambian hip-hop artist.

His ability to compose, write and rap makes him give a fresh refill of good music even in the years to come.

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