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Criminals enter the records room for the Ministry of Lands

The Ministry of Lands’ records room was broken into by unidentified individuals, who stole some unspecified documents.

According to ELIJAH MUCHIMA, Minister of Lands, the break-in took place three days ago and was reported to the Police.

During the regularly scheduled press briefing, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Media, the Minister of Lands announced this.

In the interim, the Chief Justice has been asked by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to explore integrating the Lands Tribunal into the judicial system.

According to Mr. MUCHIMA, the Cabinet was also consulted on the subject.

According to Mr. MUCHIMA, the Lands Tribunal’s procedures need to be overhauled in order to improve the effectiveness of land management.

He claimed that because matters at the Tribunal take so long to resolve, it is difficult to manage land issues effectively.

Mr. Muchima stated that the government will fence the remaining 218 hectares of Forest 27 land.

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