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Crushing on Amazing Queen Diva Mampi: Pictures

Queen Diva Mampi

Mirriam Mukape (born 4 August 1986), is a Zambian Pop and R&B singer who performs under the stage name Mampi. Her music is kwaito and reggae inspired. Mampi was born in Lusaka on 4 August 1986. She started singing in church at the age of six. She attended Muyooma Basic School, Libala High School, and the Springfields Coaching Centre in Lusaka.

Diva Mampi

She is lovely and amazing that’s why we are crushing on her today, she is just so amazing and we enjoy how she takes her pics and looks stunning.

Queen Diva Mampi

Mampi lost her mother to cancer at the age of 14 and a few years later at the age of 16, her father and brother were murdered in circumstances that the singer has never revealed to the public.

Queen Diva Mampi

Life drastically changed for Mampi. She found herself homeless at times and was not able to further her education.Queen Diva Mampi


She cites prayer and being taken in by a friend’s sister as what got her through the tough time in her life.

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