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Crushing on Iris Kaingu – #WCW

Crushing on Iris Kaingu – #WCW. It’s a Wednesday and we chose Iris Kaingu as our lady of the day only because she rocks and doesn’t mind showing it.

Iris Kaingu
January 🌸

Seems 2019 is going on well for the beautiful ZED Celeb Iris Kaingu and we celebrating her beauty today with these 5 amazing pictures thanks to her Instagram.

Iris Kaingu

We like the fact that Iris puts God first in all that she does and she had this to say with one of her pictures on Instagram…: “In God, I really have my trust… the blessing is always greater than the curse 🥰… #usemelordforyourglory”

Iris Kaingu
Iris Kaingu looking all beautiful

In God she trusts and we see the effects of her belief in the way she looks, she is truly blessed and more than Amazing. I just wonder which one is your favourite picture and why? you can tell us in comments!

Iris Kaingu
Everything’s forgiven et Nior 🌚😋

You gotta love that look in black and white, the details, the pose and those curves are certainly something we can look at all day every day.

Iris Kaingu

That is why today, Iris Kaingu is our Woman Crush Wednesday all because she is amazing and we seem to can’t get enough of those amazing curves. I wonder where she works out to maintain such a fit body? We wish her all the best in 2019…