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Gigi Lamayne says being abused and cyberbullied led her to depression

Gigi LaMayne

Gigi Lamayne opened up about being abused by her father on Pearl Thusi’ recent ‘Behind The Story’ show – She revealed how scared she was of her father, who constantly threatened to shoot her and her family when her mother was ill – Gigi also expressed that it was both her past and being cyberbullied that led to deep depression last year.

Mzansi rapper, Gigi Lamayne, shared the truth about how her father had abused her while growing up on Pearl Thusi’s ‘Behind The Story’ show last week. According to SA Hip Hop magazine, Gigi revealed details of her sorrowful life which left viewers emotional and in tears.

The rapper explained that she had suffered depression caused by both cyberbullying and as well as memories of her horrendous childhood experiences. Gigi revealed that she attempted suicide last year but was fortunately saved before it was too late. Since then, the rapper has been open about her disturbing upbringing which had scarred her for life.

Gigi LaMayne

But the rapper had never before spoke about specific details about her past until her talk with Pearl on her show. “When I was in high school, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was in need of around-the-clock care. After my parents’ divorce, I was left to be the sole caretaker and often found myself having to attend school with no lunch or textbooks.” “My father’s outbursts sometimes caused us to fear for our lives when he threatened to shoot us with his gun. To this day, my relationship with my father remains strained,” said Gigi on the show.

Gigi Lamayne had decided to clean out her closet so that she can make a difference in a less fortunate girl’s life and she wanted others to join her. Gigi is a living legend who has proven that you are able to take back control of your life if you just believe in yourself a little.

Source: News365