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DAVAOS donate to club deejays

DAVAOS donate to club deejays
Zambian female duo DAVAOS yesterday donated assorted foodstuffs to club deejays to cushion the impact brought on by COVID-19.
Joined by music producer Kekero and Rexious, the duo made the donation to the Disc Jockey Association at in Lusaka.
“With this COVID-19 pandemic having affected everyone so badly whether employed or not, it’s hard and we felt that the club deejays are the most affected. As we all know, clubs are closed, no business, no shows, no entertainment.”
A group representative Anivao said deejays were a big inspiration to musicians and that many people follow their work. DAVAOS donate to club deejays
“Keep doing your best as you entertain us all. God bless everyone who touches lives in one way or another,” Anivao said.
“Everything comes from God and we have shared with our friends only what has comes from the Lord. God bless the work of your hands our brothers and sisters.”
Receiving the donation, association executive director Aaron Mkandawire aka DJ 800 thanked Davaos for the gesture.
He said his organisation was working tirelessly to ensure that its 200 members survive amid the pandemic.
©Kalemba September 2, 2020/Pictures by Ghetto Citizen Graphix