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DC’s Aquaman set to redeem DC’s Legacy


After The Dark Night Trilogy and Man Of Steel one might say DC comics literally went down the drain. They made some fairly good movies like Wonder woman and Suicide Squad but somehow they were not enough to put them on the map.

DC comics did well with tv series but at the movies…it was a different story they were light years behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s The Avengers movies, DC tried to follow suit with movies like Batman Vs Superman and Justice League but well that we already know how that went. It felt like having Batman as Ben Affleck was a downgrade from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight not to mention the ugly Bat suit.

Superman in Justice League was ridiculous, they might as well titled the movie ” Superman saves the day again”. What they lacked was a proper appreciation of all the characters in the justice league, unlike the Avengers movies that make all the heros take turns to shine and it is not really about one hero being mightier than others like superman in justice league.

The new trailer for the Aquaman movie, however, I must say took me off guard, massive action no scenes in the dark where you can’t really see what’s happening as most of the DC end scenes usually are. Aquaman is definitely set to press the reset button for DC comics and make us forgive them for all the bad movies they made lately. I just hope the awesome scenes in the trailer are not the only exciting and thrilling scenes in the movie. Time will tell cant wait till December, Check out the Video Below: