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Denise Zimba: Thicker seems to be better

Denise Zimba

Denise Zimba: Thicker seems to be better. After a short break from our television screens, one of South Africa’s most outspoken, fun and loving, media personality Denise Zimba is back with a bang just check these amazing and beautiful pictures of her being out and about.

It’s hard to think of Denise Zimba as boring. Every time she appears on screen we can’t help but burst out into laughter, not because of the way she looks but because she can be a real joker and a true friend!she is most passionate about her music career as a solo recording artist.

The controversial media personality is also known for her openness. She is not afraid of telling it like how it is. She recently spoke her piece of mind to casting agents.

She Tweeted: I really do hope our entertainment industry opens up to a variety of very talented people in our country. We have so much talent, but with every new show is the same damn faces
. Come on guys – they will come to those castings in the thousands, of you let them know …

She went on and said: We let our potential go to waste. AFRICA IS HOT PROPERTY – the world, looking in – I travel like crazy, I see it and hear it all the time! They take from us because we don’t utilize what we have! Yoh Jesus! That’s why I just don’t partake in this industry as much as I did…

She is also serving body goals and we loving the way she is looking. She has always been a hottie and she has never changed.

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