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Detained Prophet from Uganda Suspected of Whipping Worshipers

A Ugandan prophet who calls himself a prophet has been accused of assault, common assault, and human trafficking.

A widely circulated web video showed Prophet Kintu Dennis of Hoima Empowerment Church International spanking churchgoers.

Following complaints regarding the video, police detained the 42-year-old on Wednesday this week along with four other churchgoers.

He has been heard ordering church leaders to stand in the front of the church and get spanked, or else cease going to prayers and forfeit the right to use his microphone.

The congregation watched as the ushers were beaten one by one as background music played on a quiet piano.

According to a police statement, Prophet Kintu explained to the investigators that he was merely giving a display of how Jesus treated persons who were selling things in the church.

He allegedly engaged in unlawful business, according to the authorities.

Three sticks that were allegedly being used to cane members of his congregation were discovered during a search of his church by the police.

He had been held without bail until September 7.

There are numerous evangelical churches operating in Uganda.

They are unregulated, and many of the people in charge are self-styled “men of God.” (BBC)

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