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Did Hakainde Hichilema Insult Women? – Here Is What he Said

Hakainde Hichilema

Following the public debate that is in circulation on social media and some so-called radio stations diving nose down to feast on insult like vultures. The big question that lingers on everyone’s mind is, did Hakainde Hichilema insult, anyone, in that Pamunyoko word?
1. We do not have any word Pamunyoko in Ila, Tonga or even in English. You have to break that word Pamunyoko in segments to extract any meaning.

  1. The argument may still arise in the context in which that was said. However, yes it is true that PF has brought hunger, it is true that they are progressively destroying the country with their bad policies and ever mismanagement of public funds. The nature of the statement is what we classify in Tonga as KASAAZA which may combine words sarcastically just to get people to laugh and for sure it is evident as HH dances after the said word.

  2. Insults are always projective and in this case, there was no insult and there was no insultee or recipient of the insult. If it had the word “WAKO” HH would be held liable for the insult and there would have been a direct reaction from the insulted.

So for my brothers from the PF camp relax…. HH would have just declared you as our Munyokos….. Brothers and sisters if you were to be the object of the projected.

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