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Doctors call on women to desist on use of bedroom sweets

Winter gets a spike in use of ‘Bedroom sweets’ use, as doctors call on women to desist on use of ‘twamu porridge’ and other traditional herbs. WITH downtime in it’s high degrees, numerous Zambians can be seen walking around covered in warm clothes and all feathers of material just to keep themselves heated

Well, for some women in Kitwe, that’s a different script as they’ve looked to other ways of keeping warm.
The women have resorted to using what they’re calling, ‘ bedroom sweets. ’
What are ‘ bedroom sweets ’ you may ask, well these are ‘ sweets ’ meant to enhance bones
body temperature, substantially used as a way to boost sexual improvement.
The women in Kitwe can be seen biting these ‘ bedroom ’ delectables lavishly as they flock the request thoroughfares between 1700 hours and 1800 hours
One would wonder if what they’re biting is normal goo, but once you go closer, you’ll discover that their mouths are filled with the ‘ bedroom ’ delectables that bring out a gooey aroma.
One of the people into the ‘ bedroom sweets ’ business, Natasha Mbesa who’s a shop adjunct of Chimalo noncommercial investments at Chisokone request says the shop has seen a high turn up of women demanding for the delectables in this cold rainfall.
Mbesa says the shops makes close to K2000 per day and deals about ten packets of bedrooms sweets per day.
She says the shop generally recieves a high development in the business from June to July when the rainfall is really cold.
She says the sweets have proved good for the mortal body and that no woman has ever complained of any health issues.
Mbesa says that the sweets are natural and are made from fruits similar as pawpaw, grapes and gusto.
“ We vend alot of bedroom sweets during the cold season. We also have women coming to buy in bulk at noncommercial prices. People have to understand that it’s important for women to be warm and clean and so some of these sweets are used to help detoxify the body. We also have crytal sweets, which when you bite them they will keep you hot, ” she said.
She says the sweets also help women to look seductive.
Mbesa has also emphasised that it isn’t only women who are the callers of the shop, but that indeed some men flock the shop on a diurnal base to buy products similar as Halls and tonic tea.
still, other women have stated that the said sweets aren’t good for use as they bring about dependence .
One of the women, Beatrice Mulenga says that women need to change their intelligence towards using substances that may beget detriment to their bodies.
She says the brain has numerous ways of playing with humans and making them believe certain myths.
Mulenga states that on several occasions she has tried to use the sweets, but that she has noway seen any difference or change in her body temperature.
“ Well I’ve seen alot of women using these sweets and they say it works, for me I can not swear that it works. We need to stop this station as women. substantially you’ll find women eating poridge and other foods which they pour the said sweets as some come in greasepaint froth, and you suppose it works, but does not, ” she said.
And Resident Croakers Association of Zambia President Brian Sampa says traditional coitus boosters are dangerous to the mortal body because they aren’t scientifically and medically tested.
Dr Sampa says substances similar as ‘ bedroom sweets ’, twamu porridge and other traditional sauces being used by women are able of causing life long goods in humans.
Dr Sampa says traditional sauces don’t have boluses and are frequently taken in high amounts which poses peril to the body.
“ When coitus boosters beget damage to the body, it is frequently discovered when it’s too late, so it’s important for men and women to seek medical help if they’re having sexual desire problems so that they perhaps advised professionally on what could be the condition and what can be used to fix theproblem.However, you will get so used to taking them and these will be in high boluses hence with long use of them you come unresponsive to them, ” he said, If you take coitus boosters.

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