S.e.x robots will soon be able to say ‘no’ to s.e.x if they are not in the mood. They will also be able to refuse s.e.x if they are treated with disrespect. Sensors under its skin will be able to detect if it is being touched in a disrespectful way.

Dr Sergi Santos, the Spanish inventor of s.e.xbot Samantha, claims he’s working on a version of his AI doll that can enter ‘dummy’ mode in certain situations.

For instance, ‘dummy’ mode may be switched on if sensors under Samantha’s skin detect that she is being touched in an aggressive or disrespectful way. The robot will also enter into the unresponsive mode if she is bored with the attention of her potential lover.

According to the Daily Mail Samantha demonstrated her ability to say ‘no’ to overly aggressive s.e.xual partners during a recent presentation held at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle. The robot has motorised hands, hips and face and can whisper endearments if stimulated in the right way, according to the creator.

As well as a dummy mode, the robot also has ‘family’, ‘romantic’ and ‘s.e.x’ settings as well as an ‘extra naughty’ level. Dr. Santos, who is an electric engineer by day, says it was his wife’s idea to implant his artificial intelligence network into a doll.

‘We started researching it and found out – before anyone was making the robots – that wives were buying them for their husbands because they understand the kind of need that their husbands have, and how this could benefit their relationship,’ Ms Kissamitaki said.

Over time, they made improvements – adding in-built vibrations that make the dolls sensitive and reactive to touch. They believe Samantha will be ‘capable of enjoying s.e.x’ and will remember previous conversations – even going to sleep.

And although Ms Kissmitaki doesn’t have a problem with her husband using the dolls, he says he would feel jealous if she slept with a male doll. Nevertheless, he is planning to build a male s.e.x robot.

source: dailysun