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DPP responds to complaints by murdered teacher’s family

The Director of Public Prosecutions has told the family of a teacher who was brutally killed by a known person at her house in Chifunabuli of Luapula Province in January last year that the decision made by the Court was sound.

Annet Namungala was murdered by Christopher Chisote who after the gruesome killing ran away with K91, 800, the social cash transfer money the deceased had in her custody.
Court however reduced the charge from murder to manslaughter, the move which prompted the family of the deceased to write the DPP a letter in protest.

But in a letter dated 21st December 2021, the DPP responded to the family saying the decision was made in the best interest of justice.

“upon receipt of your complaint, the matter involving the murder of your daughter was reviewed. Kindly be advised that the decision was sound both by law and facts as presented by the evidence in the docket,” read the letter.

“You will note that there was no eye witness in the matter and we had to solely rely on the confession by the accused, now convicted…the plea bargaining decision assured that the accused was convicted and sentenced to a considerable period in Correctional Service.”

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