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Dr Chilufya is in Nakonde, visits Health Workers & ordinary citizens in quarantine

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya is in Nakonde District to an on-spot inspection of Nakonde District that has become the epicentre of the COVID-19.

The Minister visited the Health Workers at Nakonde District Hospital, which is a quarantine facility housing COVID-19 patients.

While at the District Hospital Dr. Chilufya thanked the health workers for their work in combating the spread of the virus in the District.

“I carry a message from His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu to you saluting you for your hard work, your patriotism, for the diligence which you are serving the people of Nakonde during this outbreak of COVID-19.” Dr. Chitalu stated.

He emphasized that the President recognized all frontline Health Workers as true Heroes and Heroines and that the entire country was behind them.

“We know that you are at risk we know how much sacrifice you are putting in away from your families and we know that this is really you summoning the best of your selves in your profession.” the Minister added.

While observing social distancing and other precautionary measures, Dr. Chilufya took the time to encourage Health Workers and ordinary citizens who were quarantined at the facility.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow health workers Gerald Chishitu thanked Government for ensuring that they had all the necessary support especially Personal Protective Equipment as they conducted their work.

“We know that it’s been a very busy period for you as government, we have seen how the pandemic has evolved from Lusaka to Nakonde now. But with your presence here it gives us motivation to even work harder. We will not also forget other areas such as the legacy goals where we are fighting tuberculosis, malaria, and other diseases that mother Zambia is facing.” Gerald stated.

While in the District, Dr. Chilufya took the time to check on compliance levels at Nakonde-Tunduma Border post and participated in the spraying exercise.

He also delivered a message of gratitude from the President to frontline health workers at the Border.

In other news – Minister Mushimba – Re-opening date for universities & colleges has not yet been set

Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba has said that the re-opening date for universities and colleges has not yet been set.

Brian Mushimba

Speaking in an interview with ZNBC, Dr. Mushimba said that the Ministry is currently in consultation with all stakeholders and that the consultation priority is being made for those in their final year and those graduating. Dr. Mushimba further clarified that said institutions did not stop learning because online classes have been provided. continue reading

Source: Lusaka Times

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