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Drama As Solwezi Garden Boy Goes On The Run After Claiming Boss’ Wife Is Carrying His Child


Garden boy in the North Western province is on the run after escaping two live bullets—inspector of police, Solwezi west.

Solwezi in the early hours of the morning yesterday witnessed a fracas after a young man who is popularly known as “Punter” because of his lucky in betting bragged about the boss’ wife being pregnant for him.

According to available sources, Punter who has been identified as Pepala James was in January this year given a job as garden boy by a former headteacher; now lecturing at a named college in Solwezi Mabanga.

The former headteacher divorced his wife in 2017 and married a beautiful young lady in 2019 though many people pointed accusing fingers at him especially that the lady was younger than his second daughter.

Punter was yesterday recorded by his friends when he bragged about the rights he has over the boss’ wife.

“She is mine, she cooks for me and I can do anything with her.”

In the video which has gone viral Punter said:

She is very young for that weak warthog, I report every day for work even when I am sick and everyone thinks I love the job without realising my actual job there.

She is pregnant and it is all my hard-work, I will get my child no matter what happens.

Punter was saying this at the betting station and everyone close to him paid much attention Because he now wallows in cash.

” Punter the Big buyer, next ask her for that Range Rover!” his friends continued to praise him.

When the video reached the former headteacher his blood pressure rose abnormally, the devil in him drove him insane as he burned with so much jealous.

He instantly strangled his wife to death and went to chase after Punter who is now on the run.

Meanwhile, the former headteacher has been found wanting by the police on accounts of murder and attempted murder.

It is allegedly believed that Punter is now hiding near the Congo borders after escaping two live bullets.

Note: this is just another reminder to get old men for garden boys and old women for maids, abatoba amayanda ilingi tupubafye!

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