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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Driver dies in Truck Accident

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Fire brigade officers were at the scene of an accident involving a truck which fell off Musiya Bridge in Chikankata area along Chirundu road around 06:00 hours yesterday.

The driver of the vehicle is believed to have died on the spot. We will give you more details as they become available…

In More News – Lungu calls for non-violence in Monze as he arrives in the Western Province

President Edgar Lungu has called for restraint among Patriotic Front members in the wake of the disrespectful conduct he was subjected to by UPND cadres when he visited Monze last week.

The President has since called on the PF to leave vengeance to God.

President Lungu says those who want to revenge what happened in Monze are doing a disservice to the PF.

“I know it’s the Women and Youths that always seek justice by revenging. Please don’t be too angry. Emulate your leaders, they are very peaceful people. All the politics will be resolved in August 2021,” he said.

President Lungu also urged the youth and women in the ruling party to convince people why they should vote for the PF and not by fighting.

“To the Women and Youths, let’s convince one another why we should vote for PF and not fight. Let us use civil language as we address issues concerning us,” he said.

“After all, us in PF are looking for more Women and Youths to join us in Parliament next year. So if you show us that you are irrational, unreasonable, violent, you won’t fit our bill of leaders for this country.” Read More on Lungu’s Visit…

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