Black Friday Deals 2020

DStv Premium Black Friday special unveiled

MultiChoice has launched a DStv Premium Black Friday contract deal for R999 per month on a 12-month contract. This deal includes a DStv Premium subscription, a new DStv Explora Ultra Decoder, and free delivery, and full installation.

The company added that the price for this subscription will not change during the contract period, protecting subscribers against a potential price increase in April 2021.

The subscription includes the usual DStv value-added services, including a ShowMax subscription and DStv Box Office.

This promotion is aimed at increasing the DStv Premium subscriber base, which has been declining over the past few years.

There was a particularly sharp decline in Premium subscribers this year because of the lack of sport during the lockdown.

Whether a 12-month DStv Premium contract will be attractive in a market where users have become accustomed to the convenience of streaming services is not certain.

The DStv Premium Black Friday deal does, however, offer a big discount over buying the individual components separately.

A DStv Premium subscription costs R819 per month while a DStv Explora Ultra with installation is priced at R3,699.

The table below shows how much you will save with MultiChoice’s DStv Premium Black Friday deal.

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The video has caused a lot of reaction from social media users…Watch the video here

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