Easter end in tears for cheating wife – Photos

Hardly a week passes without a cheating wife or husband being caught redhanded. One wonders why people keep on cheating even if they come across busted cheaters almost on a daily bases.

Such was the case this past Easter Holiday as a cheating wife was busted with hubby while b0nking boyfriend in the ca. It is alleged the husband had suspected his wife of cheating son when she said she was going to meet her friends for Easter, he followed her without her noticing.

As he had suspected, he caught his wife being b0nked in the car.

Source – Mbaretimes

TRENDING – Video of Dyonne on the ground after being beaten by Stunner goes viral – WATCH

This Clip is showing Dyonne, David Chideme’s wife on the Floor soon after Stunner slapped her.Stunner It’s alleged he has denied in a court beating his wife in public. Hopefully, HICC will provide with footage of the incident. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE…

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