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ECZ CEO warned against rigging the elections

ECZ CEO warned against rigging the elections

PND firebrand aspiring councillor for Kamwala ward 5 Mainda Simataa has warned Patrick Nshindano (ECZ CEO) to consider the consequences of his helping the criminal PF regime to rig the 2021 elections before he finds himself being prosecuted for crimes that will land him in prison for treason – no less than 50 years.

Simataa who’s also UPND Kabwata Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary was reacting to Nshindano’s sudden decision to postpone the long awaited Voter Registration excercise 24 hours before it was due to commence yesterday, on 28 October, 2020.

“Nshindano must not think we in the UPND are stupid or forgetful, we know the postponement is meant to frustrate voters, to reduce UPND registered voters especially in Southern Province where as you know, farming is big business, and people have already started going to work the fields in anticipation of the rain season” said Simataa.

Simataa added that Nshindano was an expendable pawn in the grand rigging scheme of the PF was kicked out of power, Nshindano would be left stark naked and without protection from the rogue political elements in PF who’ve instilled a very arrogant, cocky and pricky attitude in him.

“A lot of Zambians don’t like Nshindano at all, they want him out of ECZ together with Chuulu, and you saw the comments when he collapsed at Mulungushi, some people even hoped he never woke up, why? Doing dirty rigging jobs for PF is a suicide mission, he’ll end up going to prison with people like Chitalu Chilufya and other corrupt thieves and genocidal tribal mongers like Siliya.”

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