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Thursday, October 28, 2021

ECZ short of targeted objective by 1.3 million votes

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The tinkering of voter registration by the ECZ in consensual collaboration with the PF was something that we all knew would happen. We are dealing with a lawless government with generally compromised and numbed institutions that cannot offer procedural checks and balances provided for in the principles of separation of powers. Under the PF this died a long time ago.

For starters Zambia’s annual population growth in the last 10 years has been around 3%. It is common sense that the number of registered voters would have also increased at an annual rate of 3% for the same period. The voter numbers released by the ECZ do not therefore make scientific sense.

They are a result of a deeply flawed process. The ECZ are colluding with the PF government in trying to rig the 2021 elections. This is being done so blatantly; without any form of shame or decency!

Does it surprise anyone that for the first time since the history of this nation, a census was not undertaken to determine the characteristics of our populations in order to adequately identify areas that required government’s intervention and support, and also how much the nation had grown in terms in terms of the people.

This was done to precisely deny citizens knowledge of how many people, for example, are in Chitulika and Lundazi, so that when foreigners or underage children are illegally registered, we would have no information, of the correct picture in order to challenge the discrepancy.

There is no data to support the none uniformity of population growth across the country in the last decade. How does ECZ, for instance, explain the reduction of voter numbers in perceived opposition strongholds? A 10% reduction in Western Province. Seriously?

This does not surprise us. As a matter of fact, we expected worse. For PF to have any chance of winning the August elections, they needed at a minimum the, 2.5million over and above the true numbers in their perceived strongholds, to effectively implement their elaborate rigging scheme and nullify the growth of the opposition in those areas.

As it stands, PF are 1.3 million votes short of their plan. It was anticipated that Luapula with a porous long land border with the DRC would have been dubiously granted one million voters, but that fortunately was a tall order, even for determined fraudsters.

Our hope now lies in extreme levels of vigilance at polling stations. This is where the election will be won or lost. Every Zambian citizen should be involved in vote protection. As things stand, PF have no chance at the polls as longs as votes ae protected.

Civil society, the Church and volunteers must emulate the Malawian citizens’ project that braved criminal tempering of ballot boxes at polling stations, and subsequently delivered a resounding people’s victory, despite diabolical numbers that had been dubiously added by the government. Hope is alive and it lies with every Zambian who has refused to allow this country go down the drain. We must protect the vote.

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