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President Edgar Lungu wants to marry second wife Ruth Nyanga

President Edgar Lungu wants to marry second wife Ruth Nyanga

President Lungu has lately shifted from State House and has been sleeping at State Lodge where he easily sneaks out to spend nights in Kanakantampa where the second wife Ruth Nyanga stays.

The reported marital problems Edgar Lungu has been facing with the officially recognized first lady Esther Lungu has been worsened by Lungu’s intentions to marry his other wife Ruth Nyanga.

President Lungu

In trying to keep herself busy, Esther Lungu has left most of her duties as the first lady and has enrolled herself for some short course at the University of Zambia. Lungu has lately been spending lavishly on Ruth Nyanga who they have children with. So far, some named Labanese crooked businessmen have bought Ruth Nyanga six tractors and other farming equipment for her Kanakantapa Farm.

Ruth used to work for Ministry of Lands in the registry department together with Harry Kalaba, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. When Lungu was barred from practicing and was jobless she is the one that kept him at her Chilumbulu Merzaf flat close to Zambeef Butchery in Chilenje.

Ruth lost her job at Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources over deals concerning land. Maybe nobody can blame Lungu for lavishly looking after Ruth Nyanga, the woman who kept her during his difficult days.

Edgar has now displaced some Chongwe villagers and extended Ruth Nyanga’s farm from mere 50 hectares to 250 hectares in Kanakantapa where this year she planted 80 hectares of maize. Lungu has also built Ruth a mansion in former NRDC Farm opposite New Obama, the Zambian Eagle can exclusively disclose.

Edgar Lungu

Ruth Nyanga’s House and Kanakantapa Farm is guarded 24/7 by plainly clothed OP security operative and the road leading to her house where Lungu sneaks through in tainted private cars is well maintained.

Ruth Nyanga has been boosting that Esther Lungu is just there for deceiving the public the marriage ended a long time ago. The Zambian Eagle has managed to fly around and admired Ruth Nyanga’s farm and some of her farming equipment bought by Edgar Lungu.

Source: The Zambian Observer

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