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Eighth Road Traffic Act of 2022 was implemented, according to RTSA, to enhance service delivery.

The Road Traffic (Amendment) Act number eight of 2022 has been put into action by THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), which will assist enhance service delivery and lower traffic deaths.

Some of the Act’s provisions will go into effect right once, while others will be implemented gradually to give time for transitional measures to be put in place.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Acting Director of the RTSA, Alinani Msisya, stated that the Amendment should be interpreted in conjunction with the Road Traffic Act number 11 of 2002.

He claimed that in order to better serve the populace and lower traffic deaths and collisions, the government felt it necessary to revise the Road Traffic Act of 2002.

“The Road Traffic (Amendment) Act num bet eight of 2022 seeks to enhance the country’s road safety profile, inculcate values of good driver behavior, enhance service delivery to Zambians, enhance revenue streams for governement and reduce lawlessness on Zambian roads,” he said.

Some of the Act’s features, according to Mr. Msisya, include lowering the threshold from 25 to 20 years old the age at which a taxi driver can apply for a public service vehicle license.

According to him, this clause allayed the worries of the majority of taxi drivers who believed that the requirement of 25 years to get a PSV license was excessive and was driving young people out of work.

“Other provisions are introduction of Prohibitory Driving Licence valid for a period of one year before regular licence is issued, introduction of Demerit Point System to help improve road user behaviour, Registration of Motor vehicles at the port of entry to address the problem relating to the increase in the number of unregistered vehicles on the Zambian roads, Vehicle licencing to help address challenges of long queues at RTSA, Licencing of goods vehicles, provisions to regulate online car hailing and allowable speed limit tolerances on public roads,” he said

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