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EL: Slip To Train Livestock Farmers,officers

A program to teach livestock officers and farmers in the responsible management of livestock and its value chain as a business has been launched by the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme (E-SLIP).

The goal, according to GREGORY MULULUMA, coordinator of the E-SLIP Project, is to ensure that farmers can maximize their revenues from their cattle.

Dr. MULULUMA noted the need for enhanced engagement between livestock officers and farmers when speaking in Mpika District during the training of farmers and livestock officers from Northern and Muchinga Provinces.

In addition, livestock extension staff have been urged to assist farmers in beginning to view livestock production as a business by E-SLIP Livestock Production and Productivity Coordinator JOHNS NYIRONGO.

In the meantime, Principal Livestock Production Officer ELLISON MSIMUKO stated that in order for farmers and livestock officers to successfully run livestock as a business, it is crucial for them to have a thorough understanding of the livestock value chain.

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