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Emirates cancels all flights to Nigeria for ten days.

For the next ten days, Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, won’t be operating any flights to or from Nigeria.

The suspension is due to its inability to retrieve money that the Nigerian government owes it in US dollars.

At 00:00 local time on Wednesday, the final Emirates flight departed Lagos. Passengers can change their plans or make alternate travel arrangements, according to the airline.

Prior to the suspension, the airline had cut the number of weekly flights to Nigeria from 11 to 7.

It had previously stated that it would suspend operations starting on September 1 in order to “prevent future losses and impact on our operation expense.”

The government owes them $85 million ($73 million), according to the document.

Following a move by the Nigerian government to refund some of the debt, flights will resume on September 11.

To avoid a crisis in the aviation industry, the Central Bank of Nigeria distributed $265 million to local airlines last week. It is unclear how much of that sum went to Emirates.

The bank is having trouble paying the obligation due to a lack of US cash.

Due to a failure to recover funds, British Airways has also reduced its flight schedule.

Due to poor demand, American airline Delta has announced that it will stop operating flights between New York and Lagos beginning on October 4. (BBC)

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