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Emotional moment as UNZA graduate takes graduation ceremony to her mother’s grave – Photos

Who wouldn’t want to make mama proud? Everybody would love that. But for Monai, her mama cannot see the achievement the little girl she left 11 years ago has made today.Monai

To show her appreciation for the role her mama played in what she’s become today, Monai decided to take her celebration to her grave, and posted:

07.12.2020. 11th year Anniversary. She couldn’t attend my graduation so I took it to her. I can officially say “MAMA I MADE IT “👩‍🎓💃
Congratulations Monai; we wish you all the best and we’re certain that mama is definitely smiling down on you!
Go grab that opportunity, girl child!

In Other News: Twist in HH’s court case

In a turn of events surrounding the matter in which UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has been dragged to court over the ownership of Kalomo’s Farm 1924,the hunter has become the hunted as the administrator to the original farm owner has been dragged to the police for lying on oath.


Collins Mazuba who is the administrator to the Mazuba estate has together with his siblings reported Pheluna Hatembo who has dragged the...learn more

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