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Energy Minister labeled the worst Zambian minister in history

UPND firebrand aspiring councillor for Kamwala Ward 5 in Lusaka, Hon. Mainda Simataa , has challenged Energy Minister Mathews Nkuwa to resolve the fuel shortage in the country before matters get out of hand.

Simataa was speaking this morning at Total church road filling station were several motorists were found stranded as the filling station had run out of stock.

Simataa wondered where the promised cheap Saudi oil was 5 years down the line, and charged that rising fuel prices and shortages were caused by PF corruption in the oil procurement process.

“The international oil prices per barrel have been falling since the advent of covid19, but why are prices of fuel not dropping in Zambia which has the highest cost of fuel in the region, we’re even more expensive than Zimbabwe, why?” wondered Simataa.

And Simataa who’s also Kabwata Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary has warned that the rise in fuel cost will have a negative impact on the economy as prices of good and services which Zambians are already struggling to afford will also rise, while salaries and business income remain the same in a country where the majority of people are jobless and suffering.

Simataa has called for change in August.

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