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Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee: A timeline of their relationship

It’s never nice to watch a relationship fall apart, and it’s been particularly saddening to watch as Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali’s marriage has come to a painful end. This week, both stars confirmed that they are currently in the process of finalising a divorce while pleading for privacy for the sake of their children. However, it wasn’t always this way… Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali’s love was one for the ages, and, although it didn’t work out, they shared many exciting moments.

When Enhle and Black Coffee first met, she was still dating someone else. However, as she told Anele Mdoda, their paths would cross again and, after a few chance encounters, Black Coffee pursued her until she submitted and agreed to date him. Engaged! The DJ wasted no time in committing his love to Enhle. Within three months of dating he had gone down on one knee and proposed to the woman he would go on to marry.

DJ Black Coffee

A year later, the couple made the union official when they tied the knot in a traditional marriage. Black Coffee and Mbali quickly became the hottest young couple in Mzansi.

In 2017, Black Coffee and Mbali secured their love in a beautiful white wedding ceremony. Mbali’s dress was picturesque and it looked like the moment they finally deserved had arrived. It seems as if those cracks only went on to widen as the months went by and slowly but surely, the information began to leak to the public. Much of 2019 was dominated by rumours that the couple are on the verge of a divorce.

Source: News365

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