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Enoch Kalele: It can only take a mad man to remain part of the Patriotc Front

Enoch Kalele

Enoch Kalele: It can only take a mad man to remain part of the Patriotc Front

Former PF Kasempa district Information and Publicity Secretary Enoch Kalele says it takes a mad man to remain and survive in the Patriotic Front hence his decision to join the UPND.

And UPND Kamakechi ward councillor, Morgan Mabamba who was recently lured with a K20, 000 support towards his education and made to resign as area councillor Morgan Mabamba has rescinded his decision describing the PF as a bunch of liars and evil schemers.

Councilor Mabamba who announced his decision to rescind at a media briefing this afternoon in Lusaka said the PF promised to give him the remaining K20,000 towards his education at Mukinge school of nursing where he is doing his second year if he is to resign from his position as a Councillor.

He cited deputy Provincial permanent Secretary Evans Chihili and a Kasempa District Administrative officer as the people behind his purpoted resignation and gave him K10,000 while being made to sign an already drafted resignation letter.

The Civic leader who thanked the UPND leadership for quickly rescuing him from a named lodge in Solwezi where he was to stay during the 39 days grace period under the care of Mr Chihili said he was happy to be back among the people who appreciate people’s suffering and have a nationwide development agenda.

He bemoaned the discrimination in the distribution of the youth empowerment funds in the district with a bias towards PF aligned youth organisations and groups.

And former PF IPS Enoch Kalele said he was happy to be a part of the team that has dedicated it’s efforts towards the achievement of a just and equitable society unlike the PF which believes in personal glory and riches as he bemoaned the high number of politically induced by-elections.

He said citizens were slowly losing interest in the electoral process and governance system as evidenced by the apathy being witnessed in most Elections.

And UPND Kasempa District Secretary, Shamano Sondashi called for sanity in the political arena and urged lawmakers from across the political divide to reject and vote against constitutional amendment Bill number 10 of 2019.

In Other News: Chishimba Kambwili taken to prison – Video

NDC leader, Chishimba Kambwili has been sentenced to two years imprisonment after being found guilty on one count of forgery and another of uttering a false document.

Magistrate David Simusamba has sentenced the NDC leader following a more than two hours judgement, in which he acquitted the accused of the allegation of giving false information to a public officer...watch video here