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Ethiopian men queuing to fight for Russia

Scores of men have been seen queuing outside the Russian embassy in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, apparently registering to fight in the war in Ukraine.

One man said he was told by his former army colleague that “the Russians were looking for ex-service members”.

The Russian embassy has issued a statement saying that it was not recruiting fighters, and that the Ethiopians who showed up outside were well-wishers expressing “solidarity and support for the Russian Federation.”


In Other News – Mutale Mwanza to march [email protected] to ZICTA in protest of Pamela’s abduction

Zambian media personality Mutale Mwanza is contemplating staging a [email protected] protest at ZICTA offices in Lusaka wondering why the company has failed to arrest cyber thieves. In her post, Mutale wondered why it has taken soo long for Pamela to be tracked down who is allegedly abducted by unknown people who are…learn more

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