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Evelyn from Chalala Full Leaked Video – Watch

Evelyn Chalala

Evelyn from Chalala Full Leaked Video – Watch. A lot of people have been asking us who is this 36-year-old mother from Chalala and we told them what we told the last person who asked.

What we know so far is that Evelyn is a mother and is based in Lusaka Chalala area. She is 36 years old though some reports claim that she is 49 years old.

Evelyn Chalala

Here is the video of Evelyn doing her thing that most of you people have been asking for. Be warned that this video is not only EXPL!CIT it’s also Dirty to some degree. Because of that, we will redirect you out of the website to another website. (be warned what you see at that site is not a reflexion of ZambiaNew365.com and that we are not in any way affiliated with that site.)


I do however have a few questions to ask Evelyn, if she posted the video and pictures by mistake, why then did she introduce herself and to who?

Maybe you ladies and gents can help me answer those questions. Should you require the video in your WhatsApp, send us your number in comments and we will forward the video to you, otherwise…  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE