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Evolution of Iris Kaingu

Iris Kaingu is a Zambian reality personality social media influencer. She is one of Zambia’s most spoke about socialites and you can expect to see her at most premium entertainment events in the country. Today we reflect on how Iris has evolved over the years and appreciate the woman she is today.Iris Kaingu

Like most of socialites stories, Iris Kaingus story is one not void of scandal and controversy. Being a daughter of former Community Development Minister Michael Kaingu during her college years at ZCAS Iris Kaingu made a s.e.x tape which got leaked and made her debut on the spotlight. However, the spotlight was not much fun then as it ended with her being convicted on one count of making obscene material likely to corrupt morals.

Iris Kaingu

This got her several nights in jail and was a time for Iris to reflect on her life and her decisions. However, this wasn’t all bad like they say all publicity is good publicity. She became a topic of discussion and opportunities began to follow her as she also became a video vixen, events host amongst other things. Iris literally turned around the negatives and did something positive with her life, she is a fighter.

Iris Kaingu

In recent years, Iris has grown an influential online and social media presence, including thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She’s passionate about the well-being of others and the progression of her country. She recently won a reality TV show series and was crowned the 2018 Zambian Tourism Ambassador.

Iris Kaingu
Today…. one hashtag #bicycletour. I rode a bicycle for 14km from the Livingstone Town Centre to the Gorge! I really didn’t think I would make it but I did!!! ??????‍♀️ #livingstonetour

Iris is a business and lodge owner and runs her own radio station in Choma Zambia. As a role model she teaches the youth to have an appreciation of our cultural heritage.