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Mgiftoz Entertainer exposes Busta 929

It has become a growing trend for musicians to come forth with claims of being mistreated, underpaid and/ exploited by either DJ’s or record labels. Mgiftoz Entertainment has blasted Busta 929 for exploitation and being underpaid.

Busta 929 who has been making headlines for all the wrong reason recently has found himself in another sticky situation where a young vocalist by the name of Mgiftoz Entertainer has called him out for being exploited and used by him. Mgiftoz Entertainer relays that he has been part of a number of hit songs for Busta 929 has been either underpaid or not paid at all.

Mgiftoz Entertainment had made an outcry on Facebook as he claims he could be depressed because of the cards he has been dealt by Busta 929 who has been accused of being involved with minors in the past. Taking to social media, Mgiftoz Entertainer has blasted Busta 929 while detailing the horrific hand he has been played by someone he considered a father at some point.

“I mean I work my ass out on most trending songs,not even Getting the credit I deserve,the are people up until today who don’t know am the Vocalist behind, Sdudla no Slenda,Vandam ,Sgodo ,Yuriboyka, Nompumelelo and etc am writing this in tears cause I mean I have a daughter that needs me full force as a father n here iam famous but with a low bank balance,what more about my mother she invested alot on me wishing to see me successful and having enough money to take care of me if I can tell my whole story it won’t be nice” wrote Mgiftoz Entertainer

The very emotional and young vocalist mentioned that while writing in tears and fear, he is also aware that he is putting his life in danger for the information he has divulged about Busta 929. Mgiftoz Entertainer mentions how he has produced four hits songs for the DJ but he was never compensated for them. And he continue to alleges that Busta 929 never delivered to his promises as well. At some point during his birthday, he promised to show up but he never did.

“Am writing this in fear, that what will happen to my relationship with busta after this but what about me someone who gave more than 4 hit songs and never got paid. I mean I even did a birthday celebration,same person I called a father didn’t come while he promised he’ll come not even a text from Busta saying my boy I am sorry I couldn’t come nix” wrote Mgiftoz Entertainer.

At some point, Mgiftoz Entertainer says Busta 929 offered him a record deal but when he declined the offer he was then met with such an awful and uncalled for treatment from Busta 929. Not to mention the traveling he has been doing while doing gigs all over however he says he would come home empty-handed and with nothing to show that he was out working.

Mgiftoz Entertainer has worked in a number of projects with Busta 929 but he says he is never credited for his work that he has done nor compensated for it, to make matters worst.

“Busta 929 started acting cold on me after I declined his thupa industry record label deal I mean I used to travel with him, work with him and I come back home empty handed so what assurance did I have that the label or busta himself will change on the way he treated” wrote Mgiftzo Entertainer.


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