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Fake News & Propaganda In Zambia: A Presidential Cry

President Edgar Lungu

The President of Zambia bemoaned and claimed disgust at the increased fake news and propaganda spreading about Zambia and its leadership. This complaint from the Head of State is self-inflicted, created and allowed by him just like stories about corruption and Mukulagate fiasco

President Edgar Lungu has not be an inspirational, in every aspect of his leadership due to his insistence to ride on rhetoric than actions on many ills affecting Zambia and Zambians. This non-inspirational demonstrates itself, albeit, in his practice of religion, statecraft, fight against corruption, the plunder of public resources, interpretation of the law of the land, protecting citizens’ freedoms and/or preventing violence, discrimination, and marginalisation of citizens in economic spheres and in the fight against climate change.

The President and his administration have sat on the access to information Bill for years which would have helped in the fight against the so-called fake news and propaganda.

He has not released the public media, save for Times of Zambia, from the fisted grip by his government and state’s jaws which has rendered these media outlets lose public confidence and viewer and readership respectively.

This fake news and propaganda he is bemoaning has been created by himself and shall remain so as long as he denies Zambians access to information laws and his ministers and officials fail to be consistent in their public behavior and utterances.

Why do we still have load-shedding with the same hours before ESKOM deal, Why is the Kwacha sliding and why Bill 10 not withdrawn, why are the Report findings of the Commission of Inquiry not acted on? Why is CBU and other public universities and colleges not receiving their grants…why? Why?

Once citizens are filled with the “whys” in their minds without answers from the leadership, then expect speculations, innuendos, and suspicions which are a recipe for fake news and propaganda. Nature abhors a vacuum so is news gathering, processing, and dissemination/transmitting.

Once a vacuum in news channels is created, fake news and propaganda take advantage and find a serene home to thrive on.

In the advent of social media and increased netizen journalism where news moves faster than wind, this cry of fake news and propaganda from our leaders will just eat them up because it is here to stay.

Give us genuine answers to the many “whys” we have against your administration, and fake news and propaganda will disappear like dew.

Good morning Zambia.