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Fake news journalists to be arrested

PF minister of information Dora Siliya claims this is not meant to clamp down on journalists, but to protect the media and enhance professionalism as well as protect the public from false information.

Police will very soon arrest people behind Facebook pages and websites that contain what the government says is fake news, the Watchdog has been informed.

Dora Siliya

When she officiated at events to mark World Press Freedom Day in Kitwe Siliya said cyber laws as proposed by the Government through the Ministry of Transport and Communication, in conjunction with her ministry, would help bring to book people that were involved in cybercrime.

The event was held under the global theme, “Keeping the power in check, media, justice, and rule of law. She said in a world where so much business and social interaction was taking place via cyberspace, the planned cyber laws were meant for the good of all citizens many of whom had been scammed by online fraudsters.

The internet, for all its potential for great good, was being used by people masquerading as journalists and peddling fake news and hate speech and the Government wanted to protect the public from such people.

She said people were posting a lot of information on social media –which was their democratic right to do – but it was, however, important to ensure that journalism as a product was protected.

“The media plays a critical role in society as it checks the excesses that may arise in the three arms of Government. It monitors the power of Government and other powers that may exist economically or socially,” she said.

She said the country had made great efforts in according the media a conducive environment to operate in. Siliya, a journalist herself, also urged media practitioners to be patriotic and evaluate themselves and prevent the industry from being infiltrated by masquerades.

ZWD comment: The Zambia Watchdog does not publish fake news so Dora Siliya should take her nonsense somewhere else.

We have been practicing Guerrilla Journalism long before PF formed the government; when Siliya was arrested she loved us and even offered us money which we rejected. We will be there when she leaves office and we shall report her departure.

Source: Zambian Watchdog

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