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Mohale Motaung slams fake reports

He might have been letting a lot of reports slide, but on this one, he had to react as these speculations get out of hand!

When Somizi announced that his reality show Living The Dream With Somizi would return for a 5th season, we anticipated an abundance of bombshells to be dropped. It’s drama galore all over the socials with false reports coming in that Somizi had allegedly added three people under his estate and this is to apparently make sure Mohale does not get the 50% he demands.

A controversial Twitter blogger reported that Somizi Mhlongo had added three beneficiaries to his estate and they are his baby mama Palesa M, his daughter Bahumi Mhlongo and his ex-husband Mohale Motaung.

The false report states that this is to somehow dilute the 50% Mohale apparently demands as part of their divorce settlement. “Somizi Mhlongo has registered 3 beneficiaries under his estate. He registered his baby mama Palesa, Bahumi, and Mohale Motaung in a bid to dilute and shrink what Mohale might claim during their divorce settlement. Mohale demands 50% of Somizi’s estate,” reads the Twitter post.

Soon after his tweet, both Mohale and Somizi started to trend with people still taking sides in the matter. Of course some spotted the false news including Mohale who laughed it off.

The radio personality who is currently on a solocation in Harare, Zimbabwe, said people should give Musa Khawula his number so the blogger can report on factual news and not lies.

In the reality show, Somizi had addressed the messy breakup in his own way and revealed information of their dwindling s.e.x life as well as how his estate would be separated.

He had shared how they never signed anything on the day of the wedding. “At the white wedding when you know you know and I knew that with the marriage it was going to be a challenge. But there are challenges that come with a marriage naturally and there are challenges where you see that there’s hell,” he said.

“They told us that the priest didn’t come with the papers. We were supposed to sign the following week and anyway, I never raised it because in our relationship I was always the initiator. So, had he initiated then he knew I was going to be skeptical because since when does he initiate?”

A woman by the name of Hope broke down how the law works in divorces, “If you are married, your estranged husband will be entitled to 50% of your estate by virtue of being married. Say you own a house in your name only. That house is not your house only but forms part of your joint estate.”

Somizi also had this to say about their s.e.x life.

“There is a part where he says I suggested threesome and stuff. My suggestion of not an open relationship, a versatile relationship were for the benefit of our marriage. Here I was dealing with someone who had issues with s.e.x or I don’t know what you call it.”

Despite his efforts, he says Mohale was not keen.

“I still stayed, but I said to him let’s find other ways to either we go to a s.e.x therapy, he didn’t want to go because he was in denial that the s.e.x life wasn’t great.”


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