Home Zambia News Family abandons 21-year-old mother of twins

Family abandons 21-year-old mother of twins

Family abandons 21-year-old mother of twins

A 21-year-old woman of Chibolya Compound has been abandoned by her family at the University Teaching Hospital after delivering Twins.

Betsheba Musonda alleges that her sister has told her that she can not afford to take care of both herself and the babies due to financial challenges.

Musonda says her boyfriend has also abandoned her with his wareabout unknown.
She has now been forced to seek refuge at the Hospital where she has been since Thursday last week.

In an interview with Diamond News, the victim is now seeking for support from well wishers.

Musonda delivered from UTH last week but after she was discharged, her sister refused to take her in citing the bitting economy.

And UTH public relations officer Natalie Mashikolo has called for well wishers to come to the aid of Ms. Musonda.

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