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FDD Set To Hold It’s National Convention In Due Time


The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) will soon hold its National Convention at a date and venue to be announced soon.

Therefore persons insulting the party leadership in the pretext of calling for the leaders to facilitate the holding of the party convention are simply ill-informed on the current developments in the party as they are either still serving their suspensions from party activities and not necessarily a priority to communicate to such as the suspended Chisamba District Chairperson Mr. Carlos Kalunga.

The article on social media recently issued by him in which he referred to the party president and the vice as Dictators and ba kandile is disrespectful and uncalled for by a member of the FDD.

The FDD has a channel of communication in raising concerns about the party and does not condone the ridicule from such characters without respect for their leaders.

The party, therefore, calls on Mr. Carlos Kalunga to respect the leadership and also to follow the laid out communication procedures that he doesn’t understand if he wished to remain a bonafide member of the FDD.

The party also wishes to express its displeasure with its former member Yotam Mtayachalo who has failed to let go of the party name in his activities even when he has since joined the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party.

Recently in a video of His Excellence the Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Chama circulating on social media, a poster is seen stating that “the FDD in Chama and Yotam Mtayachalo are in support of His Excellency the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu”!

The party in Muchinga Province and Chama in particular wishes to distance itself from Yotam Mtayachalo and his group, the FDD is an independent political party and is preparing to contest in the forthcoming general elections as a party and is not in any alliance with any political party.

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