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Female prisoner warden filmed having s.e.x with an inmate fired


The female prisoner warden filmed having s.e.x with a prisoner at a facility in KwaZulu Natal in March has been fired. The Department of Correctional Services confirms. The prisoner has also been transferred to a different facility.

The female warden was suspended and after reviewing her case the authorities have decided to fire her. This is because she went against the codes of conduct. There were many rumours that spread after her video went viral.

Some said the two were married and then others came up with the story that she had committed suicide. All the rumours were false. Members of the public are condemning her actions. Other mention how silly it is to lose your job just for 3 minutes of pleasure.

“This is unfair. Yes I get that it was not her first serious offence, but come on a second written warning at least and a possible suspension. Firing her? I am sorry it is a bit extreme!!!”

“She had sex at work a written warning or a suspension not losing her job that is extreme, People do worse out there like our leaders. They are not even suspended mxm.”

This is a lesson to the Prison Wardens. Inmates are very sneaky and they are already convicted felons with criminal records and with nothing to lose. They will just leave you and they continue serving their time. As for the lady, she has lost a lot from income, reputation and looking for employment with such a record is going to be difficult.


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