Fitness has never looked any H0TTER – Pearl Garavaglia

Fitness has never looked any H0TTER – Pearl Garavaglia… This Beautiful fitness hottie is going places with over 285K Instagram Followers. According to what we could find on Facebook about Pearl Garavaglia, she is from Soweto and she studied at The University of South Africa (Unisa).

Pearl Garavaglia

But her pictures say a different tale…but mostly the message is about FITNESS and how she is now a motivation to lots of people. We decided to share a few of her pictures and we hope they motivate you to be Fit and watch what you eat and Most of all the message is delivered – Fitness has never looked any H0TTER!

Pearl Garavaglia

I especially love the short jeans she has on… Brings out the curves! This picture she shared on her birthday on 19 May, 2018 and she looked amazing.

Pearl Garavaglia
It’s time to go fly my wings😇..Today I’m starting a new chapter #22.. Lord I thank YOU for adding another year to my life.. Happy birthday to me👑

Happy Training people…

Source: Instagram/ZambiaNews365

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