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Floods hit Lusaka’s Chawama township


Floods has hit Chawama township in Lusaka, and this has seen some residents being left stranded, with some of their property submerged in water.

Meanwhile, some major roads in Chawama have been flooded after heavy rains because of the poor drainage system in the city.

Zambia’s sprawling Townships such as Chawama, Kanyama and Misisi are among some good examples of highly populated residential areas that are accustomed to flooding, as houses submerge in pools of water mainly due to poor drainage systems.

Apparently, politicians, residents and other stakeholders have seemingly not learnt any lessons from the floods that have annually been engulfing the country for years.

According to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator, Lusaka residents are worst when it comes to indiscriminate disposal of waste which ends up blocking the drainage systems.

Meanwhile, Lusaka City Council is on record saying it is working on solving the problem.

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