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Foreign Investors MUST NOT bring their girlfriends to work in mines – Minister

Foreign Investors MUST NOT bring their girlfriends to work in mines – Minister… North Western Province Permanent Secretary Grandson Katambi has called on foreign investors to desist from bringing in their foreign girlfriends to take up jobs for Zambians in their mining firms.

Speaking during the official opening of the provincial chiefs and mining Indaba, Mr Katambi who also spoke on behalf of the Provincial Minister Robert Lihefu said it is wrong for foreigners to bring in people to work when there are capable Zambians.

“You should stop bringing in your girlfriends and other people to come and work in this province, there are a lot of people here, it is not right again for you people to open up training facilities in far towns like kitwe when you can centralise things here.

Let us put our local people first because we want our people to benefit from the minerals that you get from the provinces,” he said.

Mr Katambi further said he has received information that some foreign investors have been disrespecting the traditional leaders in the regions.

He said there is a need for foreigners to respect the owners of the land and also give back to the community through cooperative social responsibility.

Mr Katambi said Northwestern Province is lagging behind in terms of development even when the province sits on minerals.

He said basic needs such as hospitals and education services should be put into consideration by the foreign investors.

“Mining has been at the centre of development in Zambia. We can not down play the economic gains attributed to the mining sector but despite this economic growth some sections of society have been left behind especially in communities.

We observe that poverty levels of the locals continue to rise against the increased revenues which is being generated by our foreign miners,” he said.

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