Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor could not walk until he was four, his mother reveals

Emmanuel Adebayor, former Togo and Arsenal striker could not walk until he was 4 years old. His mother moved around Africa seeking for a cure from different “witch doctors” and hospitals but to no avail.

One day she took him to church and they were told to stay there for a week and one day while laying down in church, some kids who were playing football outside the church kicked the ball inside the churh. Adebayor saw the ball and stood up and ran to pick it up that was his Miracle walking. He started walking like that and later became one of Africa’s most successful footballers.

He helped Togo qualify for World cup in 2006 and he was voted African player of the year in 2008.

He is currently signed by Paraguay side called Olimpia.

His net worth is $45million

Moral: Only God can give you a permanent miracle just seek him and wait. He will visit you and change your situation forever.

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