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Former Inspector- General of Police Martin Malama warns HH and his supporters

“Watch out! Do not cause anarchy by refusing to accept results of the general elections by attempting to assume power through force because you will face the consequences of your unguarded actions,” Former Inspector- General of Police Martin Malama has warned Hakainde Hichilema.

Dr Malama has cautioned that Mr Hichilema and his UPND should bury the ‘Bally Bally’ idea because if the opposition dared to cause anarchy in the scheme of unseating government by refusing to accept defeat, they should look at his face.

“If you are going to refuse to accept the results of elections and attempt to assume power through the use of force and anarchy, you will face the consequences. And those that want to come to power through the use of force; please perish that idea. I have heard some young people say ‘Bally Bally’, they should bury that idea. So if anyone dares tomorrow and after the elections and they choose to refuse, look at my face,” Dr Malama said.

Dr Malama has commended the men and women in uniform from the Zambia Police Service, Zambia Army, Zambia Airforce, Zambia National Service, Zambia Correctional Services and Office of the President for their hard work in maintaining order and peace during this period of elections.

He was speaking during the 9th and last Patriotic Front (PF) Virtual Rally in Lusaka today.

Dr Malama, who is former PF Kanchibiya member of Parliament, said Zambia can only achieve development by acknowledging God’s supremacy, hard work and love for one another.

He said no single man can develop and “fix” the country.

“If anyone comes to you that they will fix it, tell them to attend the prayers on October 18. When anyone tells you they will fix it, just remember the serpent,” Dr Malama said.
He urged Zambians to anchor their faith in the Almighty God.

“Let us remember that as a Christian nation, we have our commitment to our fellow men,” Dr Malama said.

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