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Four Are Charged With Stealing From Dead SA Tavern Teens

(BBC) Four suspects have made their initial court appearances in a Magistrate’s Court on charges of stealing personal items from the bodies of young people who died inexplicably at a tavern in East London, South Africa.

The 16 to 21-year-old male suspects were taken into custody last week.

Since the police are still looking into them, none of them have yet entered a plea.

According to a police statement, the stolen goods were found in their residences.

In the wake of the murders of the 21 children, the four are accused of stealing watches, shoes, clothes, and hair extensions.

For further investigation, cases of theft, possession of stolen property, and perverting the course of law have been initiated against them.

The youngest victim, age 13, was one of the 21 youths from Scenery Park, an area outside of East London, who passed away in the Enyobeni pub last month.

Although a recent toxicology assessment was inconclusive, preliminary results indicate that all of the victims’ bloodstreams had amounts of methanol, a common element in cleaning products.

Eyewitnesses report that the students began collapsing while they were enjoying the end of the school year.

Last week, the tavern owner and two staff made an appearance in court on charges of selling alcohol to minors. In South Africa, the drinking age is 18.

The trial for this matter will begin on August 19.

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