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Young Stunna allegedly dating four girlfriends

Amapiano star, Young Stunna is currently trending on social media after it was alleged that he is currently dribbling four girls. Not only is it just a rumour, but the girlies also came with receipts, to prove that they are indeed dating the Amapiano star.

A controversial Twitter blogger by the name Musa Khawula came with the receipts of four girls, claiming that they are Young Stunna’s girlfriends.

He claimed that the first girl is Reabetswe Maja.

The second alleged girlfriend is said to be Tshego Mash. She posted on her close friends a video of the two of them where Stunna is kissing her on the cheek. What many people thought was a small kiss between two friends, quickly showed that there might be more. In her close friends, Mash shared a video of them in the bath tub, but of course someone leaked it.

Then the blogger alleged that Stunna also has a third girlfriend by the name of Zendaya Dlamini. He shared snaps of the two of them almost in the nude, at the same location. There is also a screenshot of them on a video call.

Lastyly, Stunna is alleged to be dating a woman by the name of Qayiya Mgweba. The blogger claims Stunna was recently at her Centurion home.

Shortly after these rumours made rounds, the Adiwele hitmaker started trending.

But of course the trolls had to make fun of his facial appearance But the good Twitter samaritans came guns blazing to defend the star.

“Joking about Young Stunna having down syndrome is super low. And then you guys will laugh at anything.”

“You’re very wrong and disrespectful for commenting such horrible things about Young Stunna. What are you saying about people with actual Down syndrome? Don’t they deserve love and basic respect? You preach a lot about kindness yet so horrible.”


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