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Fox shot dead after being found inside a house


There was drama in Chitungwiza in the afternoon when an animal looking like a fox as eye-witness say was spotted entering someone’s house.

The incident took place in the afternoon. It is said the animal was spotted by a neighbor of the person in which the fox was seen entering. Upon notifying the owner of the house and trying to find where the animal had gone, they could not see it. It is like it disappeared the moment it was seen.

But an updated was made to the story and it is said that the ZIMPARKS department was called in and they searched the house and found the animal and shot it to death.


In other news – Brenda Fassie’s sister has died – Cause of death revealed

Lindiwe Fassie, the older sister to the late songstress Brenda, has passed away. According to her brother Themba Fassie (65), Lindiwe was sick for some time but she would sometimes get better.

Brenda Fassie

He however said her condition had deteriorated in the past few months to an extent that she would sometimes spend all day sleepingLearn More

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